Travelling down the Yucatan Peninsula, is it possible to skip over Belize but how could you! If you’re a little rusty on your el espanol, it is the only country in Central America where the native language is English. While it is not the wallets’ best friend, I do highly recommend a few days to enjoy the gorgeous island off of Belize, Caye Caulker.

Getting to the island, there are few options available from Bacalar, Mexico. We decided to have a little splurge on our backpacking budget and trade it for experience. From Bacalar, we took a bus to Chetumal (see the schedule and routes at, to connect as to the water taxi to Caye Caulker. This journey took around “” in total.

Arriving early evening, we settled in at the very social and just ‘Mcbloodyawesome’ hostel, Dirty McNasty’s. Don’t let the name put you off..It is a must! FREE rum punch after 7.30pm which is fact delicious, free breakfast and easy canoe rentals.

We stayed on the island for two nights, where we emerged into the sea marine snorkelling and canoeing around the island. Belize is extremely laid back and things don’t always go to plan. Boats may not take off at exact times and if they don’t get the numbers, they may not take off at all. However, this is the island life way so just make sure to relax and whenever possible to plan in advance. Dives especially. Speaking of dives, If I had won the lotto I would not have missed diving The Blue Hole. It is possible to dive or snorkel, and there are two in Belize – One in the jungle and one in the sea. To fly over by helicopter, will set you back roughly $200USD which takes one hour return from/to Caye Caulker airstrip. It is also available to tour from Belize City. While it may have been a long stone throw away from me now, it is on my bucket list and will be greatly enjoyed upon my return after I collect my winnings 😉