Number one rule, take enough cash! Most cards from Australia or the USA do not work anywhere in the country. Take Euro or USA, then exchange the money into the local currency as soon as you get into Havana airport. There are two currencies in Cuba, however it’s not important to know or get your head around both. Just try to keep in mind, 1 CUC is roughly 1.34 AUD and 1 CUC is roughly 24 CUP. Majority of the time you’ll use CUC. CUP may be given to you in change, but I didn’t really use it while I was there.

Unsure how long you have there, but definitely explore the towns outside of Havana.

Trinidad and Vinales are the two main ones. Trinidad still has the true Cuban feel. Lots of horse and cart, beautiful beaches not far from town. You can hire bikes. There’s a nightclub/bar called the Cave, which is actually in a cave – definitely recommend checking it out. To get there, you can go by bus or taxi. If you get 4 people in a taxi it’s the same price for each as a bus ticket. 2-3 nights is perfect for each town. Vinacles in surrounded by beautiful mountains, with waterfalls and gorgeous landscape. You can go horse riding and visit the Cuba cigar factory, which they show you how it’s made in front of you.

In Havana, definitely do the city bus town in the first few days to get your bearings and see the outer areas. Definitely check out Vededo and Old Havana (Havana Vieja).

Accommodation is hard to book online, but don’t worry there’s lots and lots of casas (Private rooms). Unless you’re doing hotels. Casas are around $35 USD per night, which breakfast included. If you get stuck there a fantastic hostel in Havana called Rolando’s Backpacker – can find on google. Cuba is completely backward/old school. Wifi is only available in some local parks/areas (around $5 AUD per hour). Recommend taking a lonely planet book (its amazing for Cuba). And there’s no supermarkets and small convenient stores, so if you love on panadol or peanut butter or anything other than rice, chicken, beans – take it because it’s almost impossible to find and you’ll save a lot of time looking.